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Our mission at Morrill Performance is to lead the charge in education, performance, and competition. We are creating a community of athletes & coaches who strive to learn more, perform at a high level, and compete at the highest level of their respective sport. The members of this community push each other to reach higher levels in training and on the field on play.

We hold ourselves to the highest standard and embody a mindset of excellence which will evolve our minds and bodies throughout our training journey. We stand on the shoulder of giants and follow the tenants of functional strength & conditioning to make our bodies into the most efficient machines they can be so that we may go out into the world ready to take on any activity. While each of us are Ultimate players our mission can be adopted by athletes of any sport who desire to become more efficient, stronger, faster, and injury resistant. Our passion breeds excellence.

5 thoughts on “Strength & Conditioning Coach | Tim Morrill, M.A. CSCS

  1. Hey Mr. Tim, it’s Tristyn from Yulee High School, the freshman. Are you going to put up that video of me jumping?

  2. Hey Tim,
    I’ve been doing a vertical jump program called “Vertical Jump Bible” to increase my vert and speed. Have you heard of it? do you think its good?
    do you have any other suggestions?

    • Abe, a lot of vertical jump programs are gimmicks. However, this particular product is legit. It takes a holistic approach and talks about things
      other than plyometrics to increase vertical jump. My other suggestion would be to find a quality Olympic lifting coach and spend a few sessions
      learning the Olympic lifts. The sooner you get your technique down there, the sooner you can add load to the bar, and the sooner you develop
      the capacity to get up. Shoot me an e-mail (morrillperformance@gmail.com), let me know where you are located and i’ll see if I can recommend
      a good Olympic lifts coach. Also, SSPPTV 5 and Increase Your Vertical Video..

    • Andrew, I would chat with a track coach about this, however, from my experience coaching sprinters I can say that the blocking motion with the arms (i.e. big open reach with the palm down) accompanied with a few strong acceleration steps is key. How to train this? Play with the blocks til you find the perfect setting for you, then do 3 sets of 3 starts (10 yards) working to groove the perfect block/ first steps. Initial acceleration is about putting force into the ground, force is developed via strength training, expressing it rapidly is developed via plyometric and power training. Hope this helps!



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