Share Your Passion – Brand Yourself

Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

– Howard Thurman

Share Your Passion, Live Your Passion

Three times in the past week I have had to “persuade” people to make their own YouTube/ Facebook/ Twitter for themselves and their brand.  These are people that have a tremendous passion and skill set but just won’t pull the trigger.  Just do it… my gosh.

I shouldn’t have to convince people to live their passion and spread the good word.  It’s a no brainer. Branding yourself is the first step toward consistent self expression, influence and a life filled with awesomeness.

Here is an example….

I was having a talk with my dude Chris Wicus yesterday. Chris is a well read and successful strength & conditioning coach in New York.  We were discussing our plan for an upcoming Explosive Ultimate vlogcast (coming in Febuary).  I told him to go ahead and send over his FB Page, Youtube and Twitter so I can link to him during the podcast.  That way people who like what he has to say can follow and learn from him on a routine basis.  I have told him to set up these pages a few times in the past…

“You really want me to brand myself huh?”

Yes! But I don’t want you to do it for me, I want you to do it for you. You are a coach and coaches thrive on influence.

Its 2013, we can scale influences like never before. If you want to coach and make people better on a larger scale then social media is critical.  Yes Chris, I want to learn from you. I cannot learn from you, nor can anyone else, if you keep your thoughts to yourself.

Any person who has ideas, who wishes to make the world better, to fill the gaps, to fix the problems, to influence, to teach, to expand, to make a living doing what they most love… must embrace social.

Two Biggest Reasons People Hesitate

1: People will think I have a big ego.

The hesitation comes from the self-promotion idea.  It was tough for me to get past this at first.  “I just want to help people,” I thought to myself, “I don’t want to come across as being an ego.”

Ego (a strong belief in ones individuality and skill set), is what drives the world forward.

Self-promotion is not a bad thing. It is a completely necessary to share your gift with the world.

You will offend people. Forget about them. Devote your time to the people you attract. (you will see examples of people who may offend you below, but they sure do attract other people, and those people make up their niche audience)

It OK to be bold, to embrace who you are, to speak out loud, to sit up front, to take the lead. 

Leaders have ego but also embrace humility. Both are key.

Humility + swagger is the sweet spot.  #Humiliswag

2: I don’t have the time to commit to this. I don’t have enough content to entertain the people.

It’s not about them it’s about you!  It’s about you having an outlet to express the side of yourself that you care the most about.  Because you are talented, people will find value in what you have to say.  Creating a YouTube page is not a marriage vow.  Creating an “athlete” page or a “coaches” page doesn’t have to be your full time job as soon as you click “create a page.”

It’s OK if it sits stagnant for weeks at at time. At least it’s there.  At least you are moving in the direction of pursuing what you love most.

If you want to coach, lead a community, build a business or be an athlete full time, you have to put that thought into the universe and if you want it bad enough it WILL come into fruition.  The key is putting energy in its direction. The law of attraction, the secret, we know this.

Creating your page is that first step. It’s OK if you use it rarely… even if you only post once a month, you are making progress.

When you find yourself inspired, your page is there as your outlet to share the positive vibes and great thoughts with the world.

Inspiration with an outlet for expression results into momentum. Momentum is analogous to a snowball rolling down a hill that is forever.  The more it roll down the more snow (awesomeness) it accumulates, the more it expands and expands and expands… until… it is unstoppable.  Don’t you want to be unstoppable?  Creating a page is just the start, it is picking up that snow, packing it tight and getting it rolling down the hill that is your life.

Take a look at this screen shot of my FB page.  You can see I have a lot of pages that many people don’t know about, much-less care about.  At least I have them!   Maybe they will all turn into something big, maybe they won’t. But, they allow me to express myself and that makes me a happier and more complete person.

Some of these pages and ideas have failed, I created them and don’t even use them.  Own the Sky, for example, was a phase. I failed at developing that brand and that’s OK.  If you aren’t failing you aren’t trying (a future post).

Below are some examples of people who are in different phases in the process.  Some of these people use these outlets to support their passion full time.  For some it is  just a hobby and that’s OK.  I can say this, they are making the world a better place because they are sharing their inspiration and wisdom. They certainly inspire me and I am thankful that each of them have decided to create the simple page.  It took them all but two minutes to do so.  Each time they post it makes me feel good to know that they are doing what they love.


  • My athlete page – I am a coach but I am also an athlete. This page helps me fuel the fire and allows me share content that may not be pertinent to the Morrill Performance audience.
  • Muffin – My Ironside brother.  This guy is hungrier than the wolf.   He works harder than the rest of us. When he shares how hard he is working, it motivates me and I am sure it motivates you.  He IS an big ego. He is the first to admit it. If he offends you, don’t follow him.  Me, I love his swagger, because he has worked his butt off to earn it.
  • Russell Wallack # 33 – Big Muscle Wallack. Great mind for the game. Hard worker.
  • Bryant Dean # 13 – Great mind for defense and grindy athletic cutter and deep receiver.
  • Kebo – Strength athlete, Ultimate player, committed to training.
  • Goose – Charismatic Goosey.  AUDL MVP. We are pretty much in a brolationship. He is married to Kendra but with how often we keep in touch we might as well be married. He is committed to pushing me professionally and to training.  His hard work and persistence will inspire you.


  • Coach Dan – My boy from Ulti TV in Australia.
  • Ben Bruno – A colleague, strength coach and work out buddy. Ben is a great example of all of this. He trains, coaches and writes about his training, FULL TIME.  He is living his dream and educating and inspiring the strength & conditioning world in the process.


  • IronSquad – Now people can follow the journey of Elite Ultimate training in Boston.  These athletes are committed to being the best athletes they can be. They pick each other up and raise the bar for each other by training together under this IronSquad umbrella. Follow us and you may just become inspired to create your own community around training.
  • Crick Shots – A community around Josh “Cricket” Markette and his antics and goofing around with Crick Shots (trick shots).  We are NOT committed to EPIC trick shots. We are committed to having fun, playing with discs and being together.  If you want to follow, go for it.  Don’t expect the “worlds fastest receiver shot.” Expect some dudes going out and having fun.  It may just inspire you to go outside and have some fun yourself!


  • MorrillPerformance – Yours truly 🙂 Just doing what I do. Learning, training, coaching and teaching.
  • Sanchez Strength – My boy Marco Sanchez just opened his own gym.  He is below 30 years old and is committed to his clients and a life of constant improvement. He inspires me to work harder and continue to push forward.
  • Outlaw Strength – Scott Hansen and I worked together at MBSC Haverhill for a solid year and a half.  We developed a great relationship.  He recently bit the bullet and opened his own place.  He is a heck of a coach strength coach and motivator.  His personality is pessimistic, but funny.  If you want happy tweets and posts, don’t follow him. If you want “no BS” style strength and lifestyle tips, you will love him.  Again, its who you attract and who you offend. Its OK to offend.
  • Ultimate Pilates – Amy is a girl on fire. She was my host in Australia.  Amy took me through a Pilates session and I was blown away by her skills. Her cueing and knowledge base is incredible and she was saving it all for just her clients.  “Why are you saving this for your clients?! You would be doing the world a dis-service by keeping this just for them!” I am soooo happy that she has decided to spread her knowledge and passion across the world.

The Choice is Yours – Do Not Conform

I encourage you to make your own choice. To choose not to live the ordinary life that society expects you to live.  I understand that the older generation expects us to get a job, get married, have kids, save for retirement then die. Its what they did.  It is normal, it is safe, it is comfortable.

Not me! No thanks, I’d rather be extraordinary.

I sincerely believe ANY of us can make a great living pursuing our passion. I don’t believe, I know. We see it time and time again.  It’s the world we live in. The internet, social makes it possible.  With a little passion, integrity, hustle and persistence we can live the life that we have always dreamed of.

Let’s reiterate here. YOU CAN make a living being an amateur athlete.  YOU CAN make a living being an explorer.  YOU CAN make a living being a blogger, a writer, a doer and a teacher.

You can live life on your own terms.

Make a move!


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Your Boy,


**Passion Breed Excellence**


PS: If you guys ever need anything, just e-mail me.