Whats Up “Performance? Performance!”

Performance? Performance!


Performance…? Performance! from mp fpt on Vimeo.

A question we have got a lot lately is… What’s up with all this “Performance.Performance” talk?

Well, funny story…

As you know, our Mission at MP is to empower athletes to reach their peak potential.  If you have studied the FPT 1-8, attended MP clinics or launch packs then you are familiar with our 4 spheres of peak performance:  Nutrition – Lifestyle – Sport Skill Training (SST) – Functional Performance Training (FPT)

Our current focus at MP is FPT. So, it was only natural to break off the FPT add it to MP. Wallah! MP FPT was born.

One day our friend friend Brett looked at MPFPT  and said “really? performance is in your name twice? Morrill PERFORMANCE, Functional PERFORMANCE training? Are you serious?”

Well… Exactly!  We are about that performance, performance!

We thought this idea was so funny and so awesome that we even went so far as to get the URL www.PerformancePerformance.com

So, next time a friend asks you where you got your sweet program you’ll know the answer!

As if having a sweet name isn’t enough, here a few highlights from the site:


We built the website from scratch and packed it with 26 programs spread across four portals: Movement Quality, Strength & Power, Speed & Agility, and Conditioning.  We stuffed it with hours and hours of resource material.  We filmed 400 movements in HD, with 3 camera angles.  We offered coaching feedback on user-submitted videos and engaged in over 60 forum conversations. It is so awesome!

We’d love to have you join us! Just head over to www.performanceperformance.com and register your account.  

See you inside!